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Rainmakers Club – I am the founder of the Rainmakers Club a community of Start-Up, Micro and Small businesses based on a simple, affordable subscription in return for unlimited support and advice. So if you’re a business owner or just staring out and you want to create a business of true worth, the Rainmakers Club could be just what you’re looking for.

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About this book 

Having spent years waving the flag on behalf of the underserved Start-up, Micro and Small business community it was time to do more than just join in with the protests about the lack of cohesive and cost effective support. It was time to  do something about it that was decisive and a positive step forward for all of us. 

What started as a rant evolved into the Rainmakers Club.  We started as, but have become so much more than a support and advice platform for the plethora of businesses and people entering the world of the start-up and micro business market. It is a revolution in the way businesses gain support, it is the evolution of the business adviser in the 21st century.  

Partly the story of the Rainmakers Club and partly a coaching resource for the ultimate business development journey. In this book you’ll learn, or perhaps be reminded of, the best way to build a truly attractive business. A business that is capable of generating exceptional and sustainable results. A business that is able to deliver to you the end results you’re looking for. 

Being in business is not for the feint hearted, and can be a significant challenge. My hope is this book will amuse, remind, teach and above all make the journey that much easier to manage.